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Automated To-From Operation

I’m interested in creating an animated to/from operation on a long straight track. I have a steelmill operation that consists of a switcher and 2 Molten steel Ore (slag) cars. I want the train to go from the mill to the slag dump, pause, return to the mill, pause, return to the slag dump, pause, and so on. Any suggestions?

Tell us more on how you power your railroad.

It will help in making suggestions.


I currently run two seperate lines (B&O and Pennsy) that are operated independent of eachother (using insulators) with independent TrainPower 6200 transformers with direct current.

Jay, Have you looked at the Single or multi-stop-reverser unit that Split-Jaw has???

Seems like you only want a stop at the mill, then the slag pile and go back an forth… Seems like no different that running a trolley back and forth between 2 stations…

If only the 2 stops, then the single unit should work…

Kevin Strong recently did a review in Garden Railways Magazine about some of the various automatic reversing units. Might find some good info there. Hope this helps.