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ARTICLE: Windows 10 and computer "hygiene"

Boilerplate at the bottom, after the tip:

 Latest small update fixes severe and dangerous bug, install it, does not take line. Actually updates microcode in the processor... check you have done this one by looking at installed updates and find one that ends in 347.

This article is intended to be short, timely tips on keeping your computer running so you can continue to enjoy LargeScale Central with the least problems.


I'm focusing on Windows 10, because it is really the only operating system you should be using, XP cannot really surf the internet with the stock browser (IE) any more, support for Flash and Java is going away, and most importantly, there's no more updates to protect you from hackers.


Likewise Windows 7 is getting long in the tooth, and Windows 8 / 8.1 was a halfway step. Windows 10 is better in basically all ways, uses less memory, runs faster on the same hardware. The only drawbacks is Windows 10 does not support all old hardware, really old printers and video cards might not have support.


So that is the prolog, now to get to the "tips", which I will try to keep short and sweet. If you have questions, you need to email me at [email protected] ... anything helpful will be posted here.


I am making this an article because of all the grief from a small but vocal group that just want to complain and bitch and clog up something helpful with unhelpful comments.


Oh, due to the grief I encountered above, only my "friends" can comment on this thread. If you want to participate in a positive/helpful mannner, request "friend" to me.


If this gets really stupid, I will limit the visibility to friends only.