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ARTICLE: Ted Doskaris' Vignettes (articles) links

RE: Ted Doskaris' Vignettes (articles) links

Fellow Forum member, Sean McGillicuddy, suggested that links be provided for my articles.

Articles include 1/29 scale American standard gauge locos, rolling stock, and turnout (track switch) products from Aristo-Craft, USA Trains, American Main Line (AML) and LGB.  There are many articles that describe body mounting "G scale" Kadee centerset type couplers.

Since there is a large quantity of articles, it would be inappropriate to duplicate them on LSC.

Greg Elmassian hosts them on his Web site in groups of pages, with 10 articles per page.

Greg established a descriptive page entitled "Ted Doskaris' Vignettes" from which easy clicking access is provided to any given page of articles.