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ARTICLE: Resurrecting the S&NE Railroad

After years building a layout indoors, I have decided to try some railroading in the great outdoors again. My previous line had concrete roadbed mostly complete land trains running on a portion of the line but a series of events lead to an early abandonment. Our yard was fenced with barb wire to keep horses where they belong but wild pigs discovered the new planters and managed not only to rip up all the track but rotto-till the yard to the point I had to disc and till the hole area. 

Now after hog wire perimeters have proven effective, the overgrown line looked abandoned and even the redwood trestles rotten and worthless. Time for a change!

The new railroad follows my wife and my initials but (sort of) point to a grand adventure and the Southern & North Eastern Railroad of Hawaii was formed and shares distributed among the stockholders. 

If I can figure out how to post photos, they will follow. Thanks for checking out my build.