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ARTICLE: Part 5: A Raised Roadbed, On to Porter


It would have been a shame to let this gorgeous day go to waste. Yesterday I spent some time with a string level to I see where this next module would have to be. Since the ground here is a tad bit higher then where Delores is, I could start with using patio blocks.

The stick on the right holds a mark that shows the height of the yard in Delores, so I know what to aim for.

The next town of Porter will start from the end of this. Next was the PVC and screening.

Rather then have  Porter along the tree line, since I have all this room here, it'll get a dog leg and move over toward Delores some. (Looks like I'll have to build another depot......)

Next up was the ladder and track.

I also finished the bump outs in Hesperus and got most of the buildings placed where I think I want them.

The "Wye" will start just this side of the last tree and tie into the first yard track in Delores. What I plan to do is keep the Wye on this side of the tree, and just run one track over to the yard.

Update 12/08/2015:

On Monday it was another nice day. Mid to upper 50's which isn't bad for December. I decided it was a good time to test out the track work. Loaded #455 into the trailer and ran it out to the layout.

Pulled out a string of boxcars from the shed and started on my way.

Pulling into Hesperus:

Did a few switching moves to test out the track.

The switch there on the right gave me some problems, so it'll get worked on over the winter.

End of the line.

Backed it up all the way to Delores and put everything away.

I found out I made the Depot platform in Delores a bit to wide. The Loco steps kept hitting it. Added it to the list of other buildings that need some work.

Overall a nice run!

March 8, 2016:

It seems spring has arrived here in SE PA. I loaded up the trailer with some tools and headed to the layout. Over the last couple of weeks, in anticipation of this nice weather, I've been stock piling material. First thing was to work on getting the return loop in.

I changed the location where it would tie into Delores a couple times and finally settled on this area.

Once I had that figured out, it was on to the framing.

On the far right is where the switch will tie into the existing track.


Tomorrow I can start on the cross member and screening.

March 9, 2016 Update:

Deck and screen.

 March 10, 2016 Update:

After tying in the new section to Delores, and cutting the side rails, I opted to use weed barrier over the plastic fencing. (Mainly because they were out of the 25' rolls of window screen. And buying the 10' rolls didn't appeal to me). And the weed barrier came in 50' rolls.

Next was tying the new ladder into the existing ladder and getting it all secured. Then getting the track down.

Eventually I'll tie a switch into this curved section and build a "Wye" here that will extend into the next section to be built going to the right.

The straight portion on the right will be the lead into Porter.

The module for Porter will extend out from the 2x4 in the middle distance with the clamp and parallel The Yard in Delores.

A satellite view if the layout from Sept 2015:


Stay Tuned.............

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