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ARTICLE: Part 4 A Raised Road Bed: A build log for the RGS raised layout: On to Hesperus

With most of the layout finished except for a few odds and ends, it's on to the next town which is Hesperus. This will be situated on the back side of the row of trees and the downgrade portion heading back toward Delores. It's approx. 4'x 16', but may end up slightly larger since it incorporates a lot more buildings and industries then the other locations.

Bench work is basically the same as the others.

Framing out the module.

I may add bump outs between the trees to handle any extra buildings.

Trim board planks added:

Once I get the framing built, this goes pretty fast.

Once these are down the screening is stapled down.

This shows the location in relation to the rest of the layout.

I'll build some kind of temporary bridge to tie this into Mancos. Haven't decided on what kind yet.

August 30, 2015 Update:

Temporary bridge in place

Next up will be the roadbed. Stay tuned............

Started on the road bed

Update Sept 20, 2015:

With the onset of better weather to work in, and family outings out of the way, it's back to work.

I've used up just about all the Trimplank roadbed from the previous layout so most of what get's done now will all be new stuff., which means it'll have to painted.

I moved Chandler's, Goldings Transfer and Berg's onto the new layout so I could layout the sidings for those industries. Chandler's and Berg's are in the background. Golding's in the foreground.

There will also be a short siding for a Team Track that runs to this side of Berg's.

There will also be "Bump-Outs" that will be built between the trees to hold the town buildings for Hesperus.

Those will come later.

The siding here needs to have the track trimmed down to fit, but the Dremel ran out of juice, so that'll get done later. Along with the track being nailed down.

This is just the first module that's done. Another 8' section will be added on to this one.

Stayed tuned.

Sept. 22, 2015 Update:

Got started this morning on the next module for Hesperus. This will complete the town. It's basically 3 4'x8' modules tied together.

I cheated a little on this one. I ran out of the 1/4" mesh so I doubled up some aluminum screening I had laying around., rather than running up to Lowes fro another roll.

Update Nov. 15, 3015:

I met up with Randy Lehrian yesterday out in Orbosonia while he there for an EBT work weekend. He gave me a tour of what they were doing out there and met some of the guys who are helping out at the EBT. Then we headed off to dinner, had a nice chat, loaded up the ties Randy was so gracious to order for me, then headed back home.

While I was waiting on those tie strips, I built a few "bump outs" to handle some of the town buildings.

There will be 5 of them each being between the trees.

3 down, two more to go.

Road bed is next.

This morning I installed more rail into the ties then headed out to lay more track. Positioned the switch where I wanted it, then tied the road bed into the existing ladder. Got the track down and the switch placed.


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