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ARTICLE: First Steps towards a garden railway


After modelling trains on and off for 60years, have decided to go from OO and HO to to G/scale1 as we will in a couple of years have the garden to do it justice.  Not sure we will have the funds yet!!!

So have been doing research and going down a few dead ends!, have decided to go with dead rail.  This means that this loco is waiting a conversion to battery, WITHOUT have to dump the DCC and most of the sounds etc. Not interested in the smoke. still to sort this out, but NO hurry, someone will enlighten me.  In the meantime bought half a doz s/hand LGB and and rougher 1/22.5?? cabooses and the like.  So then met someone who had a Bachmann 242 Baldwin, which my wife loved, and guess what TRAIN WORLD were having a sale.

That is now awaiting a battery conversion, and I thank Peter of 'MyLocoSound' and Tony of 'RCS, Australia' for guiding me.


Using Sunset Valley flexitrack, which I like a lot.  


Andrew & Sue


RiverGlades Garden Railway - RGGR