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ARTICLE: Build Log: Stardate 04062016 PR&KRR

A couple more months have passed and work continues on the main line, phase 1 of my layout build.

I still am getting a big kick out of the whole outdoor, backyard, combining hobby with lifestyle aspect of all this. My trackwork is getting better and faster. And even though I am only 60 linear feet into my planned 200, I see some light at the end of the tunnel. My plan has always been a bit fluid, sort of creating as I go, but I think I have all my ideas sorted into three phases of construction.

Phase 1 is obviously where I am now, building this main line loop. I hope to have it complete enough by end of summer, mid fall, to start running some trains. Well, I say trains but I really only have 1 cheapo Scientific Toys loco that I half bashed but it will be enough to test the trackwork and have a little fun with until I find an engine I really like. I would love to go live steam but it has to be RC. I can't just fire it up and let it go round. I will want to perform operations of some sort.

Which brings me to Phase 2. I already have two turnouts planned for the main line, the first of which will lead to the next part of my layout plan, the industry. I already laid out the support structure for the future trackwork which is basically a reverse loop inside of the larger north loop. stemming off that loop will be two more turnouts, one leading to a loading area, and the other a staging track where trains will be parked and built by a yard loco for the larger engine to come and transport around the layout, and to the town. The town of course, is Phase 3.

At the south end of the layout, another turnout will take trains down the south wall into a town and a station. Somewhere on that line will be an industry turnout for our cargo from the north end to be delivered, and at the very end of the line would be the station. I don't have a plan yet for turning locos around but I might incorporate a turntable past the station. Another reverse loop would eat up another 12 x 12 chunk of yard and I'd like to keep that side yard mostly yard. So phase three is still on the drawing board.

The best part of a project like this is it really never gets boring. Always something to add or create.

And even when the trackwork is done and trains are running there will be buildings and scenery and whatever else might add to the fun!