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ARTICLE: A Raised Roadbed: Part 9 Delores Yard Extension

After 3 formal Operating session so far on the layout, I decided to add an extension to Delores Yard to house the servicing facilities. This should relieve some of the congestion in the Yard area with storing locos between runs and any off loading. Since there was a 16' long vacant wall just around the corner from the yard area, it seemed a good place to build it. 

The first problem was to come up with a suitable track plan for this part. 

This also gave me a chance to use a few extra switches that weren't doing anything. After a few attempts with the track planning software and a few suggestions from the peanut gallery, this is what I settled upon. 

The next problem was measuring and support planning for where this was intended to go. Then on to the next problem, building it. 

Here's the first stages in the plan, getting it level with the existing yard. After that everything else just fell into place.

I wanted to make sure any curve leading into the yard wouldn't be too sharp. 

Once that was established onto the supports. 


Thankfully the weather cooperated while this was getting done. 

Once the supporting bench work was finished it was onto the deck, a combination of trimplank PVC 1x6 " boards and plastic fencing, and weed block. 

Once that was in place, organizing the loose track into a suitable track arrangement came next. It loosely resembles what I had planned on paper, it was just a matter of getting it to fit where I liked it. 


Once I was satisfied with the arrangement adding the supporting road bed came next.

Then the track work was installed. 

After the track work was completed the side sills and engine house were added.

The side sills will keep the soil on top of the layout, if I decide to plant anything on it. 

Since I heat the house using a woodstove, I have an abundance of ashes to deal with over the winter. The layout seemed a good place to dispose of them.

Eventually it all settles down and top soil or garden soil will be added to it. 

The next phase in this endeavor was moving the servicing facilities into this area. 

Where it used to be. Delores Freight now sits here. 

New spot. 

With this area mostly completed, it should leave Delores Yard free to move any freight cars around and not have to work around idle locomotives. That's the plan anyway.

Stay tuned............

Okay, to all those who are still tuned in...............

Before the latest Ops session got started, I realized some sort of platform would be needed in this area. The grounds slopes down from the back of the shed towards the front and from this side away from the shed. Another clue was the 2 step stools I made up so I could reach the back part of the layout. 

That's them in the bottom right in the above picture. Another trip to Lowes got me started on that. 

About 8 4x6's got me started on that. That raised it up almost a foot higher. 

I placed a 2" drain on the one end. just in case. 

About 8 bags of stone later, we have this. 

It made it a bit more comfortable when working in this area. 

I should get more pictures of the area now. 

Stayed tuned.