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ARTICLE: A Raised Roadbed: Part 8 Odds 'n Ends.

I thought I start another log here to make it a bit easier to follow. Part 7 had me working on repairs to the TT pit. I used those "For Rent" signs they sell at Lowes. They bend around the curves easy and Goop works fastening them in place. The veneer goes on top of that.

With the veneer attached I repainted the floor and weathered the stone veneer a bit. 

A few years ago Dave Russel gave me what he reffered to as a Saab upper bearing cap hoping I could incorporate it into the Turntable. I'm working on that now trying to figure out how to work that into the rebuild process.

From what I can discern about this thing it appears that using it would make the TT a lot more sturdy.

Next on the "to-do" list was adding roads near the buildings. For this I use the rolled roofing material.

This stuff helps keep some of the splash off the buildings and adds a bit of realism to the towns. 

I also did a little more painting on the sides. 

And added a 2 more signs for both Porter and Hesperus.

I also re-did the turntable with the bearing that Dave Russel gave me. 

Aug. 27, 2016 Update:

With the addition of a few plants on the layout, I thought an irrigation system should be installed to make it a bit easier. After a check on line to see if any were available, I headed up to Lowes and bought a starter set.

It came equipped with 50' of 1/2" tubing, 5 emitter heads and attached 1/4" tubing, Hose connection and other assorted pieces. 

I unrolled the 1/2" tubing hoping it will straighten out (and it did). After a few suggestions from Bob Hyman and Cliff Jennings I took their advice and bought a few other things, 

like hose connection and pressure regulator and another roll of 1/4" tubing. Saturday morning I started on the install. 

I ran the main under the Delores module and split the difference between two sedums planted there.


Then started attaching the 1/2" to the support structure. 

This gave me access to the main whenever I need to cut in another emitter head. 

Then it was just a matter of turning on the water, running the 1/4" tubing where it was needed and connecting it to the main.

I need another 50' roll of the 1/2'' to start on the Mancos module.

Another thing I've been working on is adding some ballast to the track work.

We've had a landscape crew working on our front walk and they had some extra screenings, so I thought I'd put it to other use besides a walkway.

I'm also curious to see how long this stuff sticks around before it disappears as on my previous layouts...........


 Meanwhile, at the other end of the layout, I worked on placing the bridge between Mancos and Hesperus. In order to do that I wanted to work on the curves leading up the the bridge on each side.

I widened the curve on each side and aligned the track to head straight onto the bridge. 

Due to bad weather I had to wait about a month to finish this and re-install the track.

It still needs abutments and bents added for the bridge. 

Back at the other end, I've been working on a Depot for the town of Porter. I had placed a platform there as a reference when running trains. Unfortunately, this proved to be too small.

It'll be a simple matter to make it bigger. More on that later.

While I had it out there, I decided to add a siding to the back side of the Depot. I did have an extra switch that looks like it will fit.

It will be placed on the one leg of the Wye and track will run to the end of the Depot for LCL deliveries. The track in front of the Depot all the way on the right will be the Interchange with the D&RGW RR. 

The Depot itself is a far cry from being finished, but I'm working on it. Hopefully I'll have this all done before the Ops Session at the end of April.


Stay Tuned...............



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