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Aristro Streamliners (5) for sale

I have a set of 5 Baltimore/Ohio Aristo Streamliners for sale with original yellow boxes. $300 for the set plus shipping of course. Mint- condition. Some minor marks. All 5 cars have had low resistant wheels installed, and and battery powered led lighting (4 cars). I live in NM. I haven’t tried posting photos in this new site, but anyone interested in seeing the cars, email me and I’ll provide images, (at [email protected]). Much more to come, thinning the herd.

Wow - That’s a great price. if I was still into 1:29 it might be hard to resist!

That’s why I’m reducing my inventory too. Spending increasing time in 1:20.3 and O guage.

It is hard to resist, even though I am not in 1/29th or Streamliners. :grin:

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Sold. More things to come after the holidays.

Wow, someone got a great deal! I’m seeing those go for ~$300 each… I’m V&T and even I’m drooling…!

Rich, if you have any single Aristo Pullman cars, I might be interested…