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Aristocraft water tower

The other day I was looking at my water tower in storage. On the box I t says working spout and the inside these is a plastic bowl. What is the purpose of that white plastic bowl inside? Is it really intended to work with water? If so why would you do that? Just curious.

I have no first hand experience, but the Piko/LGB water tower was functional. Probably done to compete on features. Why you would want that I have no idea!

I haven’t looked at mine for awhile, but i think water comes out when you pivot the spout down.

Agreeing with Jon: on an indoor layout, it would be a mess. On an outdoor, its functionality would only last till the first decent freeze.

My prob is that the roof goes flying off in any big wind, and blows down the hill. I need to not worry about functionality and glue it on before a neighbor’s John Deere makes it a non-issue.



I think mine is a Piko. Came from Ken’s estate. We are having a big wind today - I should go grab the roof!

I suspect it was FOR folks like me that wanted it to dispense beer? :innocent:

Well hell I ain’t got one!

I always thought it would be good to have one full of booze sitting on a patio table.

And a track that goes a short way away then comes to your table side to deliver it! I could go for that!!!

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That sure beats my idea…

statue booze dispenser

Funny…we saw that little guy when we visited Brussels way back when - never saw him before (or since!)

I prefer drinking out of a bottle and glass. :innocent:

I used mine as a scotch dispenser​:grin::grin::grin::grin::tropical_drink:

It might of been to be used with their steamer … :thinking:

I doubt that…most steamers I know are also drinkers… :innocent:

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