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Aristocraft 100 ton hoppers

Can anyone tell me the prototype for the Aristocraft 100 ton hopper?



I don’t believe there is specific prototype but they closely resemble the ones built by Bethlehem Steel in the 1960’s.

Thanks Dan,

That’s really helpful


It looks to me that the Aristo-Craft 100 ton hopper car is a close replica of an American Car & Foundry (ACF) car with its 12 panel spacing.


Thanks Ted

That’s very helpful


Makes sense Ted. Bethlehem Steel, ACF as well as Pullman Standard, Greenville and Trinity all built nearly identical cars. I think the original design was from Norfolk and Western (H-11 Class).

The Aristo Norfolk & Western replica with its 12 side panel spacing, does look like the N&W prototypes.

Prototypes below:

N&W Hopper car class H11A, Builder “Roanoke Shops” - prototype picture from the N&W Historical Society (Rooster’s reference).

N&W Hopper car class H-11b picture from Virginia Tech University Libraries looks similar, too.

And, too, the N&W Hopper car class H-11c picture from Virginia Tech. looks similar.



That it is very helpful especially the photo showing the end and couplings. I’ll need to dig out my NW hopper



Hey Colin, May I ask the reason for you question? Do you have a modeling intention or just curious?

If you are considering body mounting Kadee couplers, I designed a 3-D printable coupler box that accepts the Kadee centerset coupler from the Kadee 907 kit. It’s called a “CamPac” coupler box and available from your name sake, Colin (though last name, Camarillo) via his web site who prints them; or Contact him via his email at: [email protected]

See “Aristo 100 Ton Hopper CamPac Box Quick Install Guide


Hi Dan

I’ve recently picked up 5 of them in various roads.

Ted, thanks for the info on the coupling box, Ive used Colin’s products before on locos, they are very good.


Speaking of hoppers, this is a great reference book if you can find it cheaply.;

Well this is interesting. Bachmann just announced they are making the Aristo hoppers and calling them “Bethlehem Steel”

Also announced the GP40

Great to see they’re bringing back the GP40 too. Hopefully the SD45 will be next. :slight_smile:

regarding Bachmann’s announcement, their flyer shows prices that are their suggested price of $229 each, and before everyone goes ballistic, comments on facebook from Robby from RLD Hobbies to me says his price will be under $150.00