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Aristo FA-1 Wiring

I am adding a Blumani card to my AristoCradft FA-1. When I take off the shell, there are 4 wires ciming from each of the trucks, green, red, black and white in that order. Can someone tell me which wires are the power pickup and which ones go to the motor? Any help is appreciated.
Keith johnson

Just use your continuity meter to trace the wires…easy-peasy…one probe on a wheel, the other on one wire, until you find the correct one… There should be 4 wires; two to the motor, and one each to each side for wheel/track pick-up…disregard the colors…

Thanks, Fred. I’ll try this with my Ohm meter. This is my job for tomorrow. I was kinda hoping someone had already figured this out, like the 2 outside wires are pickip. etc.