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Aristo Double Ender

One more item for today: A Aristo Double-Ender diesel, Santa Fe!, run probably 30 minutes. Original yellow Box. $75 plus shipping.

. Not sure if image posted. If not will try again.

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The photo posted just fine. :ok_hand:

Thank Joe. The new website makes it much easier as I have learned.

I’m interested. I’m a longtime reader on the forums but recently had my membership approved. I have another one of these (D&RGW), and it runs well. Let me know if it is available and thank you.

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Matt, spoken for. If the buyer reconsiders, I’ll contact you.

Not in any way, meaning to “Nit-Pick”, but…
That type of locomotive, with the cab in the centre, is usually referred to as a “Centre Cab” locomotive…although the Aristo model has no real prototype; it is a nice looking loco. Aristo simply used two of their Alco RS3 short hoods, and the cab, and stuck them on a short frame with a pair of believable trucks. I never was able to purchase one, before they ceased to produce them.
Fred Mills

You are correct Fred. They should be called Center Cab locomotives. I purchase one thinking I would use it in a rail yard setting, but got tired of crawling around on the ground and build an elevated layout, with no provisions for a switching yard, hence for sale to someone who might have fun with it.


i am no expert on center cab locos at all. But I thought that one looked “familiar”. I wasn’t sure why, then you mention the aristo RS3 and it made sense. I can see it.

Fred is always correct, just ask him.

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