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Aristo Dash 9 And LGB Caboose Parts Needed


I was just wondering if anyone might just have an Aristocraft Santa Fe dash 9 brake hose? (like in the photo of the rear of our BC Rail dash 9) Any color will work. May have fallen off in a mismatched coupling?

I have been searching quite awhile for the brake hose that allegedly fell off somewhere along the line. I’m very suspicious that the mighty vacume cleaner monster gobbled it up and it hasn’t been seen since. We tried eBay,, Train Li and other sites numerous times with no luck.

I am also in need of a modern LGB caboose handrail and ladder assembly for the back of our Santa Fe caboose after a building jumped into the path of the caboose and ripped off the handrail. We searched for a long while to find that piece as well but I believe it was another victim of the vacuum cleaner monster. Maybe they’re working together!

We are normally very responsible and never lose or break anything but for some reason we seem to be on a roll right now. If anyone has or can fabricate these parts, we are willing to pay well for them, so this equipment is ready for upcoming events that may hopefully take place sometime in the not-so-distant future.

Here are the photos.


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Is this the ladder at trainli?


A possible substitute for the Aristo Dash 9 air hose could be to adapt the:
USA Trains GP7/9, GP30, GP38 Single Air Hose, part number R22-476



Apologies for the late response but my phone internet went down for a few days.Thanks for checking the Train Li part number but unfortunately that is a ladder that goes on another steel caboose, not a complete rear assembly for the modern steel caboose. What I need is the complete assembly that you see in the photo above for the modern steel caboose, which includes the entire ladder and handrail assembly as seen in the photo. You can see the missing grab iron on one side. I did call Train Li a couple times but have had no response yet.


I do have a package with a few of these in them, however, they are quite a bit thinner/smaller. They also droop straight down instead of on a 20 degree angle, which may be good and avoid breakage from coupler swing. I figured if I couldn’t find an original, then I would replace both brake hoses with USA Trains brake hoses. I would really like them to be the same at both ends if possible, so I thought I would check around for an original first. I did find a gentleman on EBay with a username of, trainwreck-designs who sells custom printed Aristocraft Dash 9/SD-45 parts. He had Dash 9 cab shades available on a bid, so I figured I would ask him if he had any Dash 9/SD-45 brake hoses and this was his response. Directly copied from my messages.

Hi, I think I can manage that. Probably be sometime this week I’ll put a listing up. Will have to sell a pack of 4 though.

I’ll see if he can make them and if he cannot or they are not available through him, then I guess I will be back on here looking again. This does not include the LGB part, only the Aristocraft brake hose. I’ll use the USA hoses as a last resort. It is a good idea though and I really appreciate your input. As I said, I do have them, if and when we need them.



I always watch eBay for parts, you may have to find someone that has taken a caboose apart and is selling for parts. Not sure if this caboose part is a replaceable part these days.



When I compare my 43714 caboose to your photo of the rear section, I see the missing hand rail but I don’t have a ladder on any of mine ? when I pulled up the manual on only trains I don’t see a ladder either. What model number is yours ?


Apologies to everyone for the late response but I’ve been very busy this week and couldn’t get back on here till now.


Check this out. I found the air hose.

Here are a couple of photos of the locomotive that I needed the air hose on but the one taken of the rear of the locomotive is the new printed part that I found on EBay. He still has quite a few left, if anybody needs them.

As mentioned above, I did find the air hose on EBay but I may have to buy an entire caboose to obtain the handrail assembly on the rear of the Santa Fe caboose. I’ve been searching for it for a long time.


You are correct about this caboose not having a ladder. I guess I just got used to saying that. This is a standard LGB modern Santa Fe caboose. I didn’t get a box with it, so I don’t know the product number.

Here is a better picture of the caboose.

43714 is the LGB number for the santa fe caboose.

To those who helped out, thank you!

I finally had to break down and buy a whole brand new caboose for $155.00 similar to the one pictured here because I couldn’t find a rear railing for our Santa Fe and we’re out of time.

I’ll just have to tear the new one apart when it arrives.

Hated to do that but sometimes it’s necessary.

I also need an Aristocraft water tower ladder, if anybody has one.

I had a guy offer me a broken one for $114 but since it was broken, that didn’t do me any good, so I’m back on the search again for that as well.

This photo is not of the caboose that we bought but is identical in paint scheme.

Thanks for your help everyone.


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