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Aristo Craft Crest 55465 power supply

I am getting the layout ready for Halloween open house and have come across a problem with my power supply. The 22 volt side does not produce anymore amps than the 13.8 volt side. Can the 22 volt side be burned out? It worked last year but has not been run in a year. Any suggestions?

I am the only one that has had this problem?

How many amps does it produce?


And how many amps do you need?

It is producing about 2.5 amps for 2 locomotives running on 2 separate tracks. But what will not happen, is kicking it up to the 22 volt side which should produce 10 amps. That should be enough for the locos to roll around the loops. It acts as if the high side does not exist any longer. I am just wondering what has happened. It worked the last time they ran and the power pack has been sitting up since then.

Maybe check out George’s page: He mentions a fuse and a cold start problem. Have you cycled the 12/22V switch a few times to be sure all it’s contacts are making connection?

Did you make the mod inside to eliminate the “race” condition? Open it up and compare the pictures.

I was given an Everest by Lewis, it would go into shutdown mode at startup, hypersenstive to startup inrush currents. I gave it away.


Greg, up to now, it has work very well. What would be a good replacement transformer? My train engineers are working fine.