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Aristo C-16 new-style connector wiring?

A guy on GSC sent me a pic of the back of his cab, and his C16 is one of the newer ones, with a pnp socket in the tender. That big connector carries wheel pickups to the tender and carries power back to the motor. As far as I recall, it won’t run without something plugged in or a rewire.


I have a spare tender with an old 2-pin connector, which he wants to use. We can make it work, but it would be easier if we know how the big plug is wired. Anyone have or know a source for a diagram?

Shouldn’t be that hard to trace out, then create a dummy plug or adapter to your 2 pin.

Use a multi-meter on continuity setting to trace the wheels to the plug. Knowing that use the resistance setting of the meter to find the motor. The rest is probably lights.

As it isn’t my loco, I was trying to minimize the work involved. . . .

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