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Archer Decals closing

I don’t know how many folks here use the raised decal line from Archer but they are closing shop soon.

Email I received below

ARCHER September, 2022



The time is well past due for me to throw in the towel and close up shop for good, so between now and our official closing date, November 30, 2022, we will be liquidating all of our current inventory - first come, first served. We are expecting a high volume of sales during this inventory liquidation period so we are asking for your patience, and to expect delays in receiving your orders. We will be sending periodic updates on inventory availability in the weeks ahead.


We’ve had a good run for over 33 years but I’m old, tired and ready to reclaim what’s left of my life while I’m still healthy and able to do some of the things I enjoy.

There was a time not that long ago that I had unbounded enthusiasm for Archer but those days are sadly fading away. Age has caught up with me and I simply can’t keep up with new the technologies emerging in our industry, and tech in general. Frankly, it’s become a struggle to come to work lately and that’s not fair to our customers, and I’m not about to hang on at your expense for no reason other than my pride.


Don’t expect to see me napping on the porch waiting to die. My friend and I have started a non-profit cat rescue ( and I’m sure being a cat herder will take up a lot of my time. Incidentally, all of the profits between now and when we close will go toward our rescue.


Before I go I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to all our customers who supported us over these many decades. Your patronage helped feed my family and put a roof over our heads, and for that I will be eternally grateful. I pray each and every one of you has a long, healthy and happy life.

In closing, allow me to take a moment to recognize and publicly thank Cookie Sewell for convincing me to get Archer started. Thank you, my friend. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

I didn’t know about Archer Decals before this.

Sad! After 33 years of their business, I should have known of them long prior.

But I appreciated that he wants to “throw down the towel” not because he’s economically forced to do so, but just because he’s personally ready to do so. Cool.

Thanks for posting Craig.

Archer Decals was the first company to come up with raised decals. They started with rivets years before 3d printing caught on. It was a revolution from the old school method of punch and die thin stock. Guess my NWSL riveter will be seeing service once again.

I really liked the weld decals. I’m not sure how to replicate a nice weld line. I’ve read and seen some guys taking thinned putty and a syringe and make “weld” marks. I tried and it looked horrible. Guess I’ll have to be trying to get better on that.

I wonder if he’s tried to sell the business? Seems like some other modeling company might be able to carry on their product line.

I don’t think he even made that as an option. I’m guessing it’s a pretty vital business. But then maybe he just doesn’t want to deal with a new ownership?

I also I didn’t know about Archer Decals before this. Sorry to hear them go but its better that he is retiring and compandy did not have to close. Later RJD