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Apparently East Coast railroading at it's finest

Just a bit of curiosity here. Wondering if any of the modern railcar modelers have started running these cars, or if anyone has made them?


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Those are the 2-car trash containers, I think. They’re pretty neat.

They ran something similar as an experiment at our transfer station that has rail service. They were 3 or 4 containers per car, removable via fork lift from the side. It must have been more costly than loading trucks, because they quit after a few months. The Construction Debris business, however, is booming using old high-side gondolas.

They look very EPIC! :innocent:

Boy I don’t know something stinks around here.

Yep, that got a lot of attention, Rooster. However, their are now state laws that prevent the transportation and disposal of human waste from other states into Alabama.

Note the Conrail blue still on the nose :wink:

Dan I like ya Buddy but Big Sky apparently put in a new siding on their property. Feb 16, 2022 Is a posting on the train rolling again. Don’t want to get into that discussion but feel sorry for those this affects. I just wanted to see if anyone has started modeling the dumpster on frame railcars.

YMMV :sunglasses:

Here in the Seattle/PNW region we run regular trash trains.

Better Not Start a Family runs from all over Washington to Rossevelt WA with Rabanco trash containers. Mostly 40’ double stack but a few 20’ dirty dirt goes in as well. I ran plenty of those. One leaves Everett ( all points north of Everett) another leaves from Seattle. The EVEROO usually picks up additional trash at Tacoma, and the INBROO picks up in Centralia. Another single car loads but not dedicated trains run from Spokane area.

Uncle Pete runs the Waste Management trash trains (same double stack setup) to landfill just across the Columbia in Oregon.

Both landfills transload to trucks and then haul a short distance to the landfills.

I forget which landfill gets the containers from Hawaii but that’s also barged in on containers and up the Columbia.

I have a 6 car trash train complete with trailing seagulls on my RR that is based on the real deal that takes our trash off Cape. I have a video somewhere I will have to find and post.
Trash by rail is big business.

I know I have a video somewhere on my phone but I couldn’t find it so I assembled the trash train and sent it round this afternoon. Here is the video.

A few years back we were staying in Alexandria, VA right across from the George Washington Masonic Memorial and the Alexandria station. While my wife was doing something, I grabbed my camera and headed across the street to the tracks. I heard a train coming, all excited, I readied my camera.
Woosh! It was the Waste Management trash train! I about fell over, not from the wind, but from the smell! My most memorable, but least pleasant railfan trip.

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I have seen the “sterilized” human waste trains in Texas and AZ. Always odd looking because the weight is too much for 4 container per car so they are always 2 on one side and a single on the other, and at least with my truck you try to get the weight balanced, so they never looked right for my eye

Todd the sea gulls are absolutely hilarious!!! Good job with them

Say “Aloha!” to my old running shoes!

Also, this website has a picture of the OR&L trash train: Freight Cars – The Oahu Railway & Land Company

I agree! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: