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Apartment Layouts

Has anyone built a small LGB/G Scale layout in their apartment?
I’m referring to a layout up off of the ground, not track on the floor.
If you have pictures, I’d love to see them.

I have a mini-timesaver layout in my basement. It is an old door on 2 saw horses. It uses Aristo turnouts, a Mack Hartland engine, and all 4 wheel cars. Would that qualify?


Joe, there are lots of layouts hanging from the ceiling indoors, but I guess you aren’t thinking of that.

I built a small layout in a small loft in my (big) house if that counts.! This was the bridge over the entrance.


Depends on how big a space do you have? Switching layout or continuous run? I can tell you from my own experience you will likely be limited to R1 or 4 foot diameter curves simply due to space limitations.

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Well spoken by the expert at Pizza layouts! :grin:

My attic layout ran around the outside of the room, and I think the corners were at least 4’ radius, 8’ diameter. There was a small Scalextric race track for my son (and I) on one side, a skinny baseboard on the other with enough width for 3 tracks. The RR then ran over my workbench, through the side of the bookcase, along an elevated track which included a girder bridge over the race track to the side wall where a straight run took it in to the closet next to the door.

The bridge ran from the closet back to the skinny side, and the plan was to have some storage tracks in the closet. The basic loop was done, but we then moved house.

Here’s a lousy photo of the skinny side. The Scoth Whiskey cans were intended to become a grain silo business.

If anyone knows how to cram large scale trains into a small place, it’ll be Vic.

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Vic doesn’t do Apartment layouts he does Apartment “Closet” Layouts

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Vic, I was hoping for continuous running. And you’re right about R1 curves. Luckily for me I have a bunch of them.

I agree, Vic’s the master of the pizza layout!!

Carl Arendt also did some amazing stuff, maybe you’ll find some inspiration here.

Do you have an idea for space? spare room? corner? whole living room ? :crazy_face:

I’m thinking a small R1 oval that could reside in the corner of a small room. I’m trying to figure what I want for scenery.


You are talking about something very similar to what I have been tossing around in my bucket for awhile. You mention and oval. And I am certainly all for an oval. But one thought that keeps coming to me is a dog bone. But this will depend heavily on how you plan to power the locomotives. By “dog bone” I mean two reversing loops attached in the center with a single track. If track powered this requires some complicated polarity reversing do-hickies and to me isn’t worth it. But if you are going RC then its a very simple matter of making two turnouts into flop switches.

this maybe a whole lot larger than what you intended but I thought I would trow it out there just in case. It is roughly 12 feet by 12 feet. Just a thought if you can and want to go larger. Certainly way larger than a R1 oval. It also could be reduced by removing the straight sections between the switches and back corner.

As for scenery, Vic really is the master at this. He has built some amazingly detailed micro layouts.


Here are two small layout ideas I have built in one form or another.