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Anyone recognise this chassis?

This came out of the cute little Tram/Inspection loco in this auction haul I am dealing with. Another split gear, so maybe Bachmann? I thought it was the Columbia 2-4-2 chopped down, but the wheels seem to far apart and I don’t recognize the gears or the weight in the frame.
The other thought was L’il Big Hauler, but they seem to have a vertical motor according to the parts diagram.

Any thoughts where it came from?

Definitely NOT a lil big hauler. Like you said they are a verticle motor.

But a few other things do look “bachmann” to me. The plastic pins used to hold the side rods on. The rough sandy looking black weight. Just to name a couple.

But no idea what it would be out of

Whatever it is its a nice motor block. Hopefully you can get a gear for it. I have made a couple printed ABS gears, designed them and had shapeways print them, that held up pretty decent. And now you can have stuff printed in metal impregnated resin/fiber which may hold up even better if you can’t find the direct replacement

If have to pull mine apart but now that I think about it, it reminds me of the first generation bachman porter.

The fact that it says “Bachmann” on the bottom cover is another clue. . . The Porter looks like a possibility.

Lol I guess I missed that part. Thats a pretty sure fire clue its bachmann. . . Lol.