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Anyone need @N2222 Transistors?

I used to get electronic parts from Radio Shack. A blister pack of 4 or 5 small signal transistors was about $6. Radio Shack is gone here and I use Amazon for cheap electronics. A 200 pack of 2N2222 transistors was about $6. I need 4, and a few for the parts bin.

Happy to send a handful to anyone free. A bunch should go for a first class stamp.

Working on a 2 transistor logic inverter for RailPro to Bachmann Optical Chuff. Don uses a simple resistor, but I suspect the chuff pulse it’s not square as it should be. The inverter should fix that. I can’t really hear the difference, so it might be a waste of time, but it’s fun!

I really miss Radio Shack !! Go the store and tool around …still have some stuff in stock but waning.

I live in Ft. Worth, Texas the home of RS and I don’t believe there is one store left here.


John Lenheiser said:

I live in Ft. Worth, Texas the home of RS and I don’t believe there is one store left here.


Been there many a time. I worked as a store manager for Radio Shack for over 10 years starting in the 80’s. They would bring us to 1 Tandy Center for training. At one time they were a very innovative retailer, nearly entirely vertically integrated. Stockholders could not understand a retailer who was also a manufacturer, a distributor and a retail store outfitter. They sold off all but retail to satisfy the stockholders, but no longer in control of costs they began to loose money. Just a memory now in most places.

Google Radio Shack…they still have an online store Website you can order parts including resistors.

HobbytownUSA carries Radio Shack parts also.

This was before C19, do not know about today.

Thanks Tom. I knew they have a website. I just find Amazon more convenient and probably cheaper for small orders. That, and I can shop with credit card reward $ :grinning:

Interesting. I just went to my maps app and searched on Radio Shack and found that ALL of them in Fairfax county are permanently closed! (I don’t go there much, and now I know why! :grin:)

Talk about a corporation that lost touch with its customers and kept trying to reinvent itself. It will probably be a case study in some business class sometime.