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Anybody else here play steel drums?

Hi Folks;

On the subject of other hobbies, music is a big hobby for me. My wife and I are in church choir and the handbell choir at our church. We are also in the local Panamania steel drum band. I play the bass steel drums. They can only hold three notes each, so it takes six full sized 55 gal. oil drums to allow me a full octave of notes. It’s a lot of fun, but it also takes a lot of practice. Photos below.

A set of bass steel drums.

Playing my drums.

Best, David Meashey

P.S. The bell choir started practicing again tonight - wearing face masks and playing stations six feet apart! Down to 7 ringers now - a few chose not to return. Now two octaves instead of three. Many of us have totally different bells. What was that old Chinese curse? “May you live in interesting times.” Yeah, it is getting real interesting.

Movies, PLEASE!

Or at least audio.

We loved the steel drums in the Carribean!

Sorry, my short movies are lost 3 computers ago.

Something, something using Microsoft copying to another hard drive:-(


Regrettably, the only two videos I have are less than a minute, and I have no idea how to upload them. I would suggest searching YouTube under the topic of steel drum bands. Our little band is OK for Roanoke, VA, but the Caribbean bands are the real “pros.” Those bands are passionate about the craft and enter into intense competitions.

Regards, David Meashey

Dave, that is so cool! I love the sound of steel drums.

Did you have to make them yourself, or can you buy them already “tuned”?


Several companies make steel drums. The process is mostly by hand, which explains why they are so expensive. The set I am playing are not my own, but belong to Quest School of Music. Quest also organized the Panamania steel drum band Those bass drums would cost about $10,000.00! A few players on the Leads (single small drum in the soprano range) own their drums, but most of us use the drums provided by the school. Steel drums make #1 gauge live steamers look relatively cheap.

Best, David Meashey

a few years ago at Disneyland as we were wandering around we saw 3 guys with a sanitation cart, ,with buckets and s couple of drum, they stopped near where we were sitting and I spotted a sign on the cart that said Main St Sanitation Drum Corp, well We got a very cool show from the 3 guys as they played an assortment of drums, buckets lids and whatnot. Very awesome show!! I was a drummer in High School band, way back when!

Trying to enter the video here of the disney guys

need to read up on the posting of videos! Thanks Ken for fixing my goof up!