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Another strange beast on eBay

I did ask about the radius it would traverse, etc., but it sold before he sent me an answer. I certainly wouldn’t pay that much for it. :astonished: :roll_eyes:

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That’s hilarious, Pete! Thanks for posting. I didn’t see the add, but here’s how I’d pitch it:

  • This grand beast requires curves equally grand – nothing less that 50’ diameter!
  • Bet you never knew that the REA had more than converted railroad passenger cars… lots more!
  • Bashed from Bachmann 10-wheelers I scabbed off Ebay – a true Cinderella story you’ll embrace!
  • You’ll enjoy your superiority in the forums in buying TWO of every broken gear on this baby!
  • That’s not a crap paint job at the boiler joint, it’s… artistic blending you’ll not see anywhere else!
  • [edit] Comes complete with a broken-off pilot, step, headlight and lift bar — just add glue!
  • [edit, just cuz] Also comes with a set of trailing lift bars, in case you need to drag sumpin’ real big!
  • [edit, per Hollywood]: Has a bonus firebox in the middle, woo hoo!!
  • And best of all, this non-articulated loco is liberated from any prototypical pretensions!!

:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :innocent:

That beast is so odd it creates secondary ashes on the way to the smoke box :innocent:

Dang, you’re right David, it has two fireboxes! A sure bonus feature!!

Not sure how you feed the one in the center…

Just found and heard the tune(?). Gonna take two ABBA’s to recover from that, but thanks Rooster.

Funnily enough, there’s a guy around converting all sorts of things to REA. Some years ago I bought this flatcar with an old Alfa Romeo sports car which had REA paint and stickers. Really?

I’ve seen diesels painted and lettered for REA, even steam engines - but not like this.

I’m guessing the REA is popular for the christmas train folks. It’s a green and red paint scheme. And they have no idea about what the REA is, all they know it’s pretty around the tree.