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Another Micro Layout Annoyance

Another Micro Layout Annoyance

Finished this recently, this one is HOn30-ish, the track is N gauge, its the base piece from an XTS battery train toy I had for a while now. Overall 6" x 6". Paint, scenery and two HO scale white metal building kits, one from Woodland Scenics, the other an old Horvath kit and more figures and vehicles from WS, this was a fun one, my smallest micro yet.

The train is the XTS unit, with a bashed railbus body. Thats it for now.

(2017 edit with with what photo I still have since MLSs foulup)

Vic your just a fun guy to watch work. You prove every time that you can do a lot with a little (very little). My whole idea for my indoor micro is changing after seeing what you can do. It will be far less prototypical and much more victypical…like my new word.

Good word, Devon.

Vic, you do great work - in a smallish sort of way.

Now you’ve gone a LITTLE bit too far! ( has to be so tiny, 6" x 6" ? I can get the feel for it but a Think a zoomed out over all with a whole Coke can in the shot would really put things in perspective. Do the switches work? Looks kind of like some of the points may be missing, but maybe not. Nice work.

Great little ‘pizza’ - you certainly have the knack.