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Another flat car load

This month’s NMRA magazine “Love those loads!” column has this nifty flat car load.

So, off to Fusion360, and then the printer.

Stay tuned.

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So Bob is this of your own design, or a download and scale up? the reason i ask is the gear would be much stronger if the hub thickness was equal to the tooth depth. as a mechanical designer i spotted this right off. look at any gear catalog.


That is a neat load and the gear is a perfect project for a 3d printer.

This is just an engineering study, it’s not ready for prime time yet. Like you noticed, its pretty spindly, and its more like a smaller gear than something 8’ diameter.

This is probably better.

Note this is half of the gear. Two pieces will be glued back-to-back.

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OK, this isn’t bad. Lost the keyway somewhere though.

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Ok, the gear looks pretty good.

And an evaluation print of some of the supports

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Now that shot gives a true feeling for it’s mass, looks good :+1:

The timbering looks about right. Need to print up another one, then design some diagonals.

I think this will work nicely. Time to add some details (NBWs, etc), then paint and assemble.

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Looks VERY nice, Bob!

Where are you transporting it to when finished ?

Does THAT really matter? :innocent:

Bob, one thing to consider, such a large load would not just be toe-nailed to the deck, but secured back to the stakes or stake pockets. this could be done with timbers that secure the load to the stakes, and also used to place faux cables supporting the upper end of the gear.

Al P.

I can’t help myself. These are so much fun to print.