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An app for my phone? Seriously!

Okay Bob,

Now I have secretly been wanting that for a long time. Way cool.

I was messing around trying to figure out how to post pictures directly from my phone. Saw the prompt for the app but didn’t install it since my old phone is maxed out. Couldn’t figure out how to post from the browser on Android. I would assume the app would show up as an option when I hit the share icon on a photo. Am I close?

??? I asked Bob about an app for LSC and he said there isn’t one. Did I miss something?

I have one. Showed a notification when you all responded

What kind of phone? Name of app?

Yea I’m confused too?

I went to sign in on my phone and something popped up asking me about an app. I said yes now I have an icon that is a shortcut to the LSC web page. Maybe not the right terminology. Maybe its not a “app” as much as just a shortcut link. I don’t know what to call it. But I don’t have to google it anymore. I can just click on it and it takes me right to the sight.

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See the LSC icon with the number 1 telling me I have a notification?

I can’t tell you how or why it showed up. It just did. And I accepted it. Wish I could tell you how I did it.

:alien: :flying_saucer:

Sure we can probably get it too…All you really need is a hole in the head??? :joy:

Maybe the sight is taking pity on me because I have a brain cloud. Knows I am not smart enough to use it without help

Looks like a bookmark on your Home Screen and probably opens the browser on the LSC home url. Whatever, as long as it works for you!

Android phone, looks like. Thank you Google :slight_smile:

Interesting. I saw this icon on the URL bar, and clicked it.

AH, its a Chrome App. Neat!

Must have came on in that CANCEL ROOSTER package of extras you stumbled on. But yep makes it easy to find on my phone :sunglasses: