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Amtrak Platinum Mist in a Rattle Can Options?

Going to make an attempt at an F unit in that amtrak silver color with the red nose…

Of course i prefer rattle cans from Home Depot & Lowe’s.

I know there is a Volvo guy around these parts that could steer me towards the correct silver and red from the big box store.

I paint most of my G Scale rolling stock and engines with Rust-Oleum 2X paints. When using rattle can paints, remember the paint does come out of the can very fast and its easy to apply too much paint and get runs. I apply wet thin coats and let dry 10 mins. between coats, two coats should work for good coverage. I would use gloss silver and red for my base color and then apply decals, then give a light thin coat with 2X Gloss to seal the decals and then the last coat with 2X Matt finish. A few notes here, apply the silver first and then you can tape off the part you want red after the silver has dried for a good 48 hours. I would always let the paint dry 48 hours between the different paints to assure that each color has had time to dry, paint over wet not dried paint can cause big problems. I’ve been a model painter for over 50 years and I have a pretty good idea what works and what doesn’t, painting this model should take five or six days for proper drying times and that’s with warn air temps

in the air. Here is a pic of a LGB Alco Diesel painted in 2X paints, took about 6-7 days to paint it with drying times.

I have used Dupli-Color on certain applications for painting, but the only reason I use the Rust-Oleum 2X is I have used it with good success and learning what covers well, drying times, and how it the finish looks are is something each brand of paint is a learning process. I will say here, I do use the Testors Enamel in the small bottles in my airbrush over the 2X and have had no problems. One of the biggest problems with painting with rattle cans is applying too much paint at one time, causes runs and slow drying times, you can endup with a big mess right quick.

Thank you. Which silver did you say from Home Depot or Lowe’s?

Duplicolor Acrylic Enamel Chrome Aluminum DA1684 is what I used on my F-40. That was as close as I could get to the Platinum Mist. Napa and most automotive parts stores carry it.

The Viewliner baggage was done with Rusteloum chrome.

Me personally considering what you are doing and the look you are after I would go with the Duplicolor but that’s your choice. As for the red nose you will have to decide for yourself on that one. You asked so I told?

Thank you!! going to do F7A #100

Former NP 6502C, BN 9764
built 5/49 ( sn 7151)
retired 10/29/75
1976 used as trade in for F40 scrapped by Pielet Bros

Yup, i needed a former BN loco to power the afternoon cannonball out in the yard.

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I would agree that Dupli-Color silvers would be a better color match then the 2X colors in silver and 2X does not offer much of a choice in many colors.

What? no road railers to go with that Amtrak train, or some private varnish on the tailend?
Good looking train Rooster!


Thought this thread was about platinum mist in a rattle can option?

Oops my bad ! Sorry John for hijacking’s Roosters help of your paint question.

No worries, F7A is the plan, with Rooster paint, decals by Jeff.