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AML/Accucraft B&O Dockside 0-4-0T

I recently acquired a new live steam B&O 0-4-0T. As there isn’t even a Live Steam section here, I posted my photos and comments over on MyLiveSteam:

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I SOOO MUCH wanted the track powered version of this when it came out. But it was and still is SOO out of my price range. LOL so I’m not the only one who calls MLS MyLiveSteam😁

I didn’t know there were any. The ‘legacy’ Accucraft AML page only shows the GP60, USRA 0-6-0 and the Hudson as electric offerings.

Yep when the docksider first came out it was listed as live steam and electric, pretty sure they were few in number and got soaked up pretty fast.