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Amherst Model RR show it's a go so far. Jan 29th,30th


I was just at this location for a horse show… A lot of people but not as many venders as we have usually seen … I wonder if this show will have the same pattern.


As of January 3rd it is still saying it’s on …

The 2022 Show is on! (January 29th and 30th) …Happy Holidays and see you at the largest Train Show in North America. Updated Covid-19 Announcement (as of 12.29.2021) - As of this writing, there continue to be no restrictions in West Springfield, Massachusetts, either from the city or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Amherst Railway Society will follow all local and State guidelines as they are updated.

It still says a go…
I’m thinking of going on Saturday the 29th with Dan Pierce … :grin:

Stay safe Sean. Wear an N95 and a hula hoop on suspenders in that crowd!

BTW, It’s Amherst. I think Amhurst is in Germany :grimacing: