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American Mainline (Accucraft 1/29) 0-4-0, first runs

My latest acquisition, from Kevin’s estate, is this ever-so-cute B&O 0-4-0 and tender. (I think it’s actually their B&O Dockside with tender and without the saddle tank.)

Train Plant Vehicle Wheel Rolling stock

Despite it being advertised as missing a few pieces, it was easy to get it into running condition, as the video shows.

One word to the wise about older engines acquired from an estate. This loco didn’t seem to be using much steam oil, so I joked to Jerry that maybe the oil was so old it had congealed. After the run, I put it on the bench and opened the lubricator top and drain - a little water came out (good) but the oil level didn’t drop (bad.)
So I stuck a screwdriver into the oil and got out a gooey, thick mass plus some ordinary steam oil. No wonder it wasn’t using oil. I wiped out as much as I could find and filled the lubricator with hot water. Now it is sitting on my bench with the bottom valve open draining the last dregs out. Seems to be pretty clean.


Seems to run and pull really well. Glad you got the lubricator cleaned out really well. I should probably check the lubricators on my locomotives before I run them. I haven’t had a chance to run anything since my stroke last October.

Steam oil can really get thick in cooler weather. At the W, K & S tourist railroad, the oil would be so thick on frosty October mornings that I wished for a scissors to cut the final string of oil coming from the lube drum spigot.

Best, David Meashey

Another nice save, Pete! And, yes, that little thing is pretty cute!