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Amazon Photos

Is anyone here using Amazon Photo and if so how do you like it?

I have it, as part of my Prime membership, but don’t really use it except to back up the few photos I have taken with my Fire tablets. My phone is connected to Google Photos which I like. Amazon is not real intuitive to navigate. Google is just slightly better.

You looking for an on-line host for posting, or just cloud storage for general use?

Thanks Jon, I am looking for on line hosting and storage.

OK, so I went and looked at my Amazon Photos account. Haven’t used it in years. Seems at one time I did upload a bunch of RR pictures, so here’s a posting test.

Well, there would have been a posting test If I could have gotten a URL or copied or draggged the photo. None of which can be done via their interface. They do allow “download”, but that adds an extra step by bringing it back to your PC before posting.

The only “sharing” option offered is to create a shared album and then invite others to view it via their interface.

I use a web hosting service. I’ve been a long time customer of Ionos (formerly 1&1) out of Germany. I get unlimited storage, several domain names with unlimited sub-domains and lots of email storage. It does require using an FTP client to push photos up to them and at minimum, a simple script loaded on the host to give a list of file links via a web page. Having worked with you on programming like tasks, I’d say what I use is not a good fit for you :smiley:

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Amazon Drive, on the other hand, does allow a left-click “Copy Image Link” in Firefox. The image below, if it shows, is stored on my Amazon Drive.

It’s possible that the image will only show for me, since I’m logged in to my Amazon account.

It didn’t persist even for me. The next time I came back here it was a broken link.

Thanks Jon,
This is the kind of information I was/am looking for. I read all the on line info on these storage/share sights and all they tell a person is how great they are, never any explicit information.
I saw the information about Amazon Drive but understood it to be primarily for documents and video.

I guess just keep looking and reading. The trick is finding someone that is using a system and can answer the questions not covered by the advertising.
Thanks again

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I think I’ve heard others here (BD for example) talk about so you might check that out. I have no personal knowledge, so don’t blame me if it turns out it sucks :slight_smile:


If I read IMGUR’s information correctly all your uploaded images are in the public domain at all times, not sure if i like that or not.