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Along Stoney Creek...

The East Tennessee & Western North Carolina RR had a not-well-known (and hardly ever photographed) branch running eats out of Elizabethton north of the Watauga River, toward Buladeen.

A local who wrote/photographed/drew for the Elizabethton Star took some shots and sketches of the line before going to England to cover WW2 for the Associated Press.

I’m currently working together his photos and sketches and writings into a book I’ll probably publish through

Very nice. I noticed your post on the O scale thread. Is this On30 ?

Yep, On30. It’s been in several magazines the last three years… I take usually long exposures to take care of the usual depth of field issues, which allows me to put in steam and smoke effects in real time. I only use Photoshop to crop and color-balance photos, nothing else.

It’s an old-school technique that works very well, especially for night shots:

With these two below, I waved my cell phone screen with a solid blue color over the scene, which cast a nice moonlight-looking tint: