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ALCO C-855 3d printed train

and so it begins, the largesdt ALCO diesel ever built, 35.59" in length when completed

shes gonna be a big one

and it starts with a small number board piece

the motor block span bolster

the front pilot

the nose and battery boxes

the only problem with black plastic, photos are hard to see any details :frowning:

the cab was 5 hours on the printer

the cab roof

gluing on the number board and roof cap

rough sanded the nose and glued it to the cab

first frame section printed

only 4 more frame sections to go

second frame section done, catching up to the Mac in the background, tape measure is at 35.5"

didn’t take long to extend longer then the Mac

the 2 beast together, the Baldwin DR 6-4-2000 is much closer to the length of the ALCO C855 then the Mac

Currently reprint a longer pilot bolster piece, then the body sections can be done, the body sections will drop in over the frame

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Plenty of room for sound and batteries…and a small family…(

Are you going to print all 3 of the 855s? Be cool to see the B version too.


I’m only making 1 a and 1 b for myself at 35.59" an aba set would be overkill for my point to point layout, lol

Test print of a long hood section to double check dimensions before starting the hood sections

first long hood section is a short one

and now on the frame

The next section should fit between the first section and the test print piece

This engine is going to be a lonnng build!

another 5.5" of the long hood, and 1 side of the middle section are done

my overnight print piece

3.5 major body pieces left for the long hood

after the main body pieces, the next largest pieces would be the fuel tank, then the smaller detail like vents and roof details can go on, i’d reckon this to be done and ready for paint Monday if not sooner



Won’t quite make a 4’rad curve :wink:

Overhang on 4’ rad is wicked, lol


Mark Dashnaw said:


Won’t quite make a 4’rad curve :wink:

Overhang on 4’ rad is wicked, lol

Put a hinge in it? (


I noticed that you’re doing it wrong .

Shane used green tape on his build , while you’re using blue … (

It looks huge/awesome … (

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Just take the blue tape and paint it green and you’ll be fine. And, yes, it does look awesome!

Awesome project. Looks nice. Later RJD

Hi Marc, the C855 looks great. A lot of work went into it. My question: would you trade or sell the STL files? I would like to build this locomotive in A and B unit in 1:48 scale. I would offer Krauss Maffei ML 4000cc; Krauss Maffei ML 4000 Hoodunit or GE U30CG or GE U50 cc