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Albert Kramer has passed away

I saw on Facebook that Albert Kramer has passed away. His daughter had posted that he fell out of bed and after a few days he passed due to complications. It was a shock to the family.

I think many of us have bought trains from Al over the years either through his Vegas store San Val or on Ebay under the name Anna Kramer.

A funny story. Several months ago Al was looking to put together the collectable cars that he teamed up with Charlie Ro to create. Al saw on one of the Facebook train sites that I had a Butz and Ausfartz car and he wanted it. He offered me $300 for it and eventually he went to $500. Maybe I should have sold it at that crazy price but as I told him it took me years to find it and it is one of my favorite cars so I stood on the principle. He eventually did find one. I don’t know how much he paid? The funny thing is that years ago Al was the one that sold me the Butz car.

Al was a character and he will be missed.


Dang! I have been getting stuff from him for years.
RIP, Al,

Dang, I bought tons of stuff from him from San Val… He’ll be missed.

Sorry to hear about this. I was a San-Val regular and got lots of stuff there including most of my metal wheels. There were a few in the Del Oro Pacific who had the Butz cars.

Really sorry to hear this. His prices were always good and he was easy to deal with. My first C-19 came from Al. From his recent Facebook sales, it sounded like he was emptying out storage that he had forgotten about. He will be missed.

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RIP, a gentleman to do business with

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Like everyone else I had done business with Al and always found him to be helpful and fair priced.

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Oh no I have been buying stuff from him for years, I am sorry to hear this, very sorry.

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I just saw him post a few things on facebook the other day and for the first time it wasn’t all in caps. I suspected it as slightly odd.

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It was a joy knowing you.

I was going to text him about some containers and I saw on Facebook on an air racing page he passed, then on another airplane page, so I passed the news along to a couple of the g scale pages. He was so easy to deal with and talk to. He will be missed. Blue skies, tailwinds , and highballs, Al

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His eBay items are still showing. Anyone know if his daughter is taking it over and will process orders?

She is
However expect delays.

Yes, I just got reply back from her saying she is going to run business now.

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