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Aikenback Live Steamers at Big Springs Farm

Mike took his portable track to New Holland, PA, right in the heart of Amish/Mennonite country. Big Spring Farm has an open day when all the locals turn up (lots of buggy parking, as well as cars for the outsiders,) and lots of check shirts/dresses, hats and suspenders. Also lots of antique tractors!

I was going to run my AML K4 and PRR coaches, but Frank beat me to it. So I ran my Shay instead.

Mike Moore had his Aster UK loco with 12 BR ‘blood and custard’ coaches.

A rare AML 0-4-0 with a bunch of Delton coaches.

We packed up late afternoon, and the visitors started to leave, including these guys in a replica Conestoga wagon.


Thanks for photos of the layout in operation. I had to miss Steve King’s battery/steam-up this summer. It was the same weekend as our 51st wedding anniversary! I figured that if I wanted there to be a 52nd wedding anniversary, it would probably be wise to skip the steam-up. (And yes folks, I DO have my priorities straight!!)

Regards, David Meashey