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AEX modern construction debris car

I wanted to see if I could post pictures again on LSC so this is a “test” for me . And if the picture does post , the car pictured is one that i’m finishing up right now.

That was easy to post ! The big blank space below was a duplicate post , sorry.

Stupidly easy picture posting was one of the main reasons I switched to this software.



I finished this car a couple of weeks ago . It’s a JSDX gondola and the car is going to remain brand new , all nice and shinny . The green AEX car however will be banged up a little and I will be giving it the “hairspray” weathering technique .

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Thanks Bob , it is alot easier than the old way.

Since I just figured out how to post pictures , here are some more pictures of a car I did awhile back but didn’t post anything about it. The older “opera window” centerbeam car.IMGA0441

This space is a duplicate of the above photo’s .

Those are models?!?

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Thanks Cliff ! I’m hoping to one day take all my stuff to RLD’s open house . Just have to get a couple of loco’s battery powered but right now it isn’t in the budget.

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aspirational quality

i miss the build logs, i learned alot from them

thanks for sharing!

Thanks John , I’m going to be doing 2 more of the AEX cars so i’ll do a build log for those now that I know how to post pictures.

Excellent work as always … :face_vomiting:

Thanks Mr. Rooster .

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You need to look up Mike’s videos on Youtube. His railroad is amazing. There are photo angles that combine his modeling/weathering skill with an amazingly realistic setting to the point that it’s nearly impossible to tell it’s a model :slight_smile:

Cliff , or Mike , what is the YouTube channel name?

Here’s what I found - Mike Dorsch YouTube

thanks Jon , Pete my you tube channel is todus2 . I’ll have to post more video’s this year as soon as the weather gets better around here.

That’s the one I couldn’t find! There is one with your full name, as mentioned above, but it only has two videos and one of them the aspect ratio got buggered. I used to be a subscriber to todus2, but that was with a work email . I lost all my subscriptions when I quit that job :roll_eyes:

Nice models!
Ive seen the debris car up here hauling wood shavings from sawmills to the paper mill. Full of wood chips with a net covering the top.

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Hi John , I did the netting over the load too. My wife picked up this veil fabric from Hobby Loddy a few years ago for me. Still have alot of it for future loads.IMGA0479