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Admin Edit Options showing up?

When I went to edit a post I just made, I noticed a bunch of new options at the bottom one being Delete and another Admin Actions.

I don’t know if this is a new feature, or if somehow permissions got screwed up giving me some admin privileges???

Perhaps I never clicked the thee dots before which added this new actions on this post.

I just looked and they didn’t trust me with edit options , maybe BD went on vacation and decided to leave you in charge!

Maybe you do. Look at your post above. At the bottom right if you see three dots, click on them. It will open more options. On my posts I get a Delete icon (but it says I don’t have permission) and a wrench icon that says “post admin options” and clicking it opens “Make Wiki” which I did not click.

I think this was always there, I just never clicked on the three dots before.

The flag shows up when I tap the 3 dots!

Do it on a post you created. Will get the other options I think.

Yes, the options are there for me.

I think this is a “you are allowed to admin your own comments/posts” thing. I’ve made no changes to any settings or whatever.

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