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Adhesive for lexan

Can anyone recommend a suitable glue for laminating lexan? I’m looking for something that melts/fuses, like how MEK works on polystyrene.

Weld on 3 is made for that purpose

I second Roosters recommendation. We use Sci-Grip Weldon 3 in the sign shop to bond to polycarbonates (Lexan is a Polycarb brand) . It is water thin and clear like MEK.

If you have MEK on hand you might try it on some scrap,. I think it will work.

Lots of Options - that’s for sure. I used Weldon back in the day - they make one that’s like water and is great for “welding”. Another is like syrup and it works well. I used to get all of my stuff from Tap Plastics, but it looks like times have really changed. Do a quick search and you find LOTS of advice, such as How to Glue Lexan | HomeSteady or even product lists: or : lexan glue

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Thanks for the advice. Weldon 3 sounds ideal for what I’m doing.

If anyone is curious, I’m fabricating a base/guide for my router to help me cut mortises. I’m getting ready to build some kitchen cabinets.

Haven’t had time for much modeling lately, but here’s a Christmas gift I made:

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