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Adding an industry siding (or two)

Even though I have said I’m done laying track, especially on the ground, I have one more building that needs a home and a siding. After surveying all available property, it was decided that the area between the trees near the new Pine Tank would be acceptable.

The survey crew was out today scoping out possibilities and taking measurements. Their data was turned over to the Over Engineering department that looked at numerous track configuration options. Several run-around options were explored, but determined too short to be of much use.

The latest version has two options: a facing point siding off the main close to Indian Hill Junction and/or a siding off the Engine House lead that would also be facing point to Eastbound trains. This is the same as the only other existing sidings outdoors. Usually trains run around the wye first in order to switch trailing point.

Here is a RR Track drawing of the two options and some photos with templates showing where the switches could be located…

Trailing point on the Engine House Lead ruled out as too devious…

What I will probably go with. Facing point #6 off the main…

In the photos the mainline siding is shown with a #6 template, but on the drawing, I used a Wide Radius (10ft) switch to gain siding length. I might go back to the #6 as all turnouts off the main on the outdoor are currently #6.

This is not something I’ll do immediately. I have a few house projects to finish before going back to working on the RR. I would like to have it operational by just after Labor day if possible.

I think we all find it very difficult to stop don’t we. There is always “one more building or siding or engine or car” that has to be done then were through, yea right :smiley:

Oh great, Jon…. Now I am looking at my layout wondering where I may “need”another industry or 2. Still not even finished with my bridge and loop addition, and now I’m looking toward more work this fall!

After further consideration, I have ruled out switches off the main. This is because all of my mainline switches are mounted on 5" thick concrete pads. The proximity to the tree would make digging out the footing difficult if not impossible without damaging the tree.

Thus I am back to adding a switch on the engine house lead which is on PVC ladder and easily added to. It looks like I might be able to get a siding with a two or three car capacity in there.

Having industrial sidings, and adding them, brings reason for your railroad’s existence, besides being something for a rail fan to sit and watch !!
I enjoy watching a locomotive and cars roll by, but after a while, it’s rather interesting to see some of the cars reach their destination, which is the reason for the railroad to exist.
Modelling the actual operation of a railroad is just another, of the many areas of interest, for Model Railroaders to enjoy.
It is great to see you, staying active out working on your railroad, Jon…
Fred Mills