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Adding an abandoned spur

As a fan of the SD&AE, I’ve always been interested in the line to Tecate which has been severed by a tunnel collapse. I was able to catch a ride on a speeder into the tunnel and walked to the white line painted inside. And of course on this website there is an infamous dead-end tunnel that supports a WYE…

So I’m finally working on mine, which fictionally crosses the border. It does something about a lame looking stub piece of track. In the process i am repairing some cribbing.


A little progress on my roundy-roundy.

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Looks great!!

And man, that was quick!

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I’m not a FSM, so it’s all about how’s it look from twenty feet with bad eyes. I was going to simulate a removed switch, but leaving the switch in allows one to hope the line is restored some day.

I love the colors of the rock and sand. Makes the whole scene! You said that’s a dead end tunnel, but WYE?

HA! Well that is my property line for one…

Maybe start a “challenge” on how long a spur you can make into your neighbor’s yard without being noticed. Moving the fence isn’t allowed, but tunnels, fake rocks or shrubbery and 3D printed tunnel portals are ok.


Well, the vacant lot has been owned by the same folks since the 70’s, and they live about 400 miles to the north. The railroad used to extend onto their lot to service a coal mine, but I didn’t like the additional grades and curves that were involved. Besides it was a dead-end with a run-around track, and as a non-FSM I love my roundy-roundy.

Wow, I guess you win! That was a quick challenge…

What we fear is the lot being sold and developed!

Could solve that with more tunnels and some strategically-placed 1:20 explosives…

The IPP&W Railroad is still growing. We seldom loose customers for our transportation services. In our case, we are always adding new industrial sidings that serve new industries. The addition of sidings each year, keeps the people who enjoy operating it happy. They enjoy the vitality of OUR railroad.
A vibrant railroad is constantly growing. Losing customers, and having fewer active sidings, gives the impression that the railroad is soon to shut down…almost like our part of the hobby…more LS railroads are being ripped up yearly…sadly…
Those that visit (Fans) do enjoy seeing a view of a bit of abandoned railroad, but often LS model railroaders don’t have enough abundant space to waste on a bit of abandoned rail.
HOWEVER…if you do have the space, it can add a bit of scenery, and can be well presented, as the pictures show.
Well done…very well done…thanks for sharing.

  Now, to approach my neighbour.....he just might agree to a spur through the fence, on to his property.   We could do with a small mine, to give reason to the need for more ore cars....!!

Fred Mills