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Accucraft SP Cabforward for sale

For sale 1 ea Accucraft electric SP Cabforward #4274. Test run only.$8000.00 FOB Wilton Ca.Ed Yungling





Please let me know if you got the pic. lol

My father had asked me several months ago if I could help him sell his G scale collection. After some research I had come across this forum and suggested he join. The post reply dialog box seems not to have a direct link to post pictures from ones own computer, at least as far as I could tell. As soon as my dad can get the pictures of his collection to me I will post them on my Flickr account for your inspection and post a link here. This may take a while so patience is advised.

In the meantime to help introduce ourselves as I am sure a person would be very wary spending this kind of money with a new unknown member. I know I would.

We are both members of the Sacramento Valley Live Steamers with my dad having been given a life membership being the only active originating member. The SVLS web site can be found here,

Reading the online newsletters 20-30-40 years ago section will see his name mentioned many times.

My Flickr page is

where you will find pictures of him, his 1.5" scale Cab-forward #4242 and my 1.6" scale Southern Pacific GS-1 #4403.

Here is a YouTube of the 1.5" scale Cab-Forward in action, no it is not for sale!

I hope this helps a little with any reservations a person may have about looking into purchasing these models.

Donald Yungling


Ed Yungling is a well-known name in the live steam hobby. I met your Dad some thirty years ago when he brought his then fairly new cab-forward down to Los Angeles Live Steamers for our big IBLS meet. Beautiful locomotives you have.

Hello Gary,

Thanks for your kind words. A person can become well known in one aspect of the railroading hobby and be a total stranger to other scales. I am not sure why he bought the models in the first place but he has come to realize there are others who would appreciate them more. My addition to this thread was to help anyone who may be interested in these models to recognize that they are dealing with someone who is well known in a scale other than what the selling models are listed in and hopefully be comfortable in their dealings with my father.

By the way I still have not received any pictures from him yet. He may have to hand deliver them to me as many aspects of the internet still elude him. We live about 30 miles apart so we do not see each other everyday.



Well you did provide pics !
What a looker.
Hmm …tempting but I just got %#ll for the hudson.
I’ll have to pass.
Thanks for spending so much time learning to post pics.
Good luck.

Nice looking loco. If I had the cash and the track work to run it on I’d buy it. Later RJD

Don, I met your father when you both lived in Rancho Cordova, and the cab forward was in pieces in the garage. We stayed in touch when you had the hobby shop in RC, but lost touch after that.

Now I’m president of the Sacramento Valley Garden Railway Society, looking forward to our March clinic/workshop program and the West Coast Regional Meet. Please send me a list of what your father is selling. Perhaps some of our members might be interested in them. Reply off site directly to me at rfriedma at

Are the locus still available?
Might be interested
[email protected]
Thanks Mike