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Accucraft Ruby live steam. SOLD

I received an Accucraft 77-010 like new live steamer called Ruby from a small collection of G gauge items. Paperwork, original box etc… I wanted the other items but now what to do with Ruby. Might trade it for like value with regular G stuff? Darryl in Yuma Arid-zona.

I would suggest posting it on, which is still fairly active with Live Steam guys. There aren’t many of us here!

The other option is Facebook “Gauge 1 Live Steamers” group, which allows ‘for sale’ posts (I think.)

I’ll swap you an LGB Stainz, brand new in box, for it!

Peter. Thanks for the info. I might trade for code 250 aluminium track or switches. I like to have a Shay. Oh ya, I have an old Stanz. Cheers, Darryl

Dang. Code 332 Aluminum I’ve got :frowning:

Jon. I really like code 250 and 332 is kind of toy like but then all of this stuff is toys. Flame away guys for I have asbestos underwear. :slight_smile:

No problem Darryl. I’d be running 250 if I had started in Fn3, but when I put most of my track down I was running mainline 1:29 stuff and 332 doesn’t look bad in that situation compared to modern mainline rail.

Most likely the steamer will go on eBay if no interest is generated either with a trade or deal. Cheers ### Darryl in Yuma.

I guess there was more interest on eBay as to sold right away. Thanks all.

I was interested, but resisted temptation! I rarely run the live steamer I have. Glad it sold quick. It’s a popular model, great for all kinds of bashes.

Jon. Lots of interest in the Ruby and gone ------- Now looking for some code 250 track and rail, aluminium. Might be looking for a decent Shay? Darryl in Yuma Arid-Zona

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