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Accucraft Climax cylinder nut size?

Just bought an Accucraft live steam Climax. I put it on rollers for a test run and noticed steam/water seeps from both cylinders once it got hot. Not surprising as it’s had very little use since new.

Does anyone know what size the cylinder nuts are? SAE or metric? Thinking a gentle nip up should fix things.

I’ve got an ElCheapo metric nut driver set but the 3.0 mm wouldn’t fit, and the 3.5 mm was too big. More than happy to invest in a good set once I know what to get.


Hi Neil,
I am very surprised that the 3mm wouldn’t fit - though maybe if it is a cheap set it won’t fit anything! Accucraft uses metric everywhere, and 2mm or 3mm are common.
I have Regner spanners with 2mm and 3mm ends - if you can find someone who made a Regner loco he’ll have the spanner and you can try it.

I would also post this question over on Facebook Gauge 1 live steamers group, and, where there is probably someone who owns one of these.

Thanks Pete,

I should have put the ‘ElCheapo’ bit in full caps. I’m completely open to the idea that crap tools should be in the bin (clearly I don’t always follow my own advice… :stuck_out_tongue: )

There is one small defence that a M1.6 thread has a standard head size of 3.2mm according to google late last night…

I’ll try asking on the MyLargeSteam forum as you suggest. I’ve kinda left that alone after the photofiasco trashed all my threads. Maybe it’s time to get over that.


Looks like 3.2mm = 1/8" :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Hmmm, it sure does…


I’ve never seen anything but metric on an Accucraft loco.

Neil, it was pointed out on MLS that there is often a thick layer of paint on Accucraft bolts, which can make them tough to deal with - and will leave them bare of paint when you are done. You should be able to read the thread, even if you can’t log in. (Haven’t heard from Dwight yet.) I also asked Ryan to chime in.

Ah - Ryan says:

Try 1/8". Sometimes the stock used is just a bit oversize for a precision nutdriver, or as you suspect, paint has made the bolt heads a bit bigger. 1/8" hex heads are not unusual on accucraft engines over the years, depends on the screwmaker at times. Otherwise, yes, they usually are 3mm hex.

Thanks for all yr help Pete,

Paint thickness makes sense, also found a note on Jason Kovac’s site that Accucraft occasionally use an 1/8 head so he includes one in his custom driver kits.

Chocolate fish for Mick? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

All seems to tally up, best get a set with both.