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Accucraft C16 back in steam

Did some engine swapping with a good friend for this old DRGW C16 with the knowledge she was a non runner with timing and massive blow by issues in the cylinders. I stripped her to just the chassis, reset timing on both cylinders(only one side was out), pulled the leaking cylinder covers off along with the pistons. Both pistons had flat and rock hard O rings, so I replaced those with red ones from a Roundhouse cylinder rebuild kit. After reassembly, the chassis ran smooth on air. The exhaust pipe threads were stripped out. So I silver soldered a fitting in place, then refitted the exhaust pipe after making a home brew chuff pipe on the top of it(I hate a slobber stack engine but at the same time, dont like the higher pitch/cost of the Summerlands chuffers). I got the chuffer just right on the first try!. Once the boiler was reinstalled, she ran under steam as we can see in my video. Now to get some proper scale cars for her to pull. Mike

Well done! It runs great and takes your tight switches and curves with no problems. I want one!!! :grin:

She does just fine on 10’ diameter curves and LGB R3 switches. I did shim the check rails so she would not pick the frog when going the other direction. The C16’s are hard to find and do not come up for sale very often. It was one of Accucraft’s earlier models, really should be due for a reissue. Accucraft is getting ready to release a C18 with lots of updated features. They also did the C19. Like the prototype, both center drivers are blind. She could do tighter curves but when the middle two drivers drop off the rail, the engine “squats” on the first and last axles causing the middle pair to snag the rail when coming out of the curve. One would have to swap in much heavier springs on the lead and trailing drivers to stop that. Bigger curves is the answer. Thankfully I have no issues on my layout