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Accucraft 2Cyl Live Steam "Plantation" Shay

My vastly underused Accucraft Live Steam 2Cyl Shay in the “Plantation” Version is up for sale. I weathered it several years ago. These photos are old. I will take new ones if there is serious interest.

The gas valve has been upgraded and a Summerlands chuffer installed. Original parts will be included. It is outfitted with R/C on the Johnson bar and will use most 2 stick radios. I have the original shipping containers, both the metal internal carrier and the outer shipping box. I really don’t want to ship.

I will include several canisters of butane, a bottle of steam oil, and a water injection bottle. I can include a Spektrum DX-5e 2-stick radio and a box of spare parts for it.

Pricing on these is all over the place. I’ve seen them over $3K down to around $2K. I am open to all reasonable offers. Here are the old photos…

And just one “before” shot - what it looked like nearly new…

And one of it under steam a few years back…


If I ever bought a live steam locomotive it would be one of those… But not in the budget. :frowning:

But as I’ve told my wife if I ever got a live steam, I’d probably go 7.5" :laughing:

There were no takers at Train Ops, so I didn’t bring it with me.

I’m thinking of listing in a few groups on Facebook. I’d really rather not ship, but I do have all the original shipping materials. I am having trouble finding any recent sales to determine a sell price. The new one is selling a little over $2K.

Mine includes all the accessories; Set up for RC, 2 stick radio, upgraded gas valve, Summerlands Chuffer, Goodall valve & filler bottle, Gas filler tubes (several), Gas canisters, Steam Oil and a ramp track to roll it in and out of the metal carrying case that I added a length of track to.

I’m thinking of asking around $1800 all in plus shipping. Those of you in the live steam game; does that sound reasonable?


Sounds very reasonable, but alas Aragorn will be my last live steamer.

Best, David Meashey