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Accucraft 1/32 scale pass cars

I just received a few samples of these new cars. I am impressed. The axles are sprung and there are roller bearings in the truck’s side frames. The cars have a solid feel and seem well made. They roll great. There is no interior lighting and the doors on the sides are just impressions in the metal bodies. Still these cars seem like a good value and I will try to get more. They have good detailing on the ends. The couplers are non-working but will serve well for pass trains that don’t get broken up usually on my layout.

The cars appear to be scale length and the trucks do too. I will search for drawings to confirm. I will add some pics if the usual suspects leave well enough alone. You can view the cars on their website or e-store.

Are they as nice as USAT cars?

Any idea of price yet ?

If they are nice enough , I might have to get a 1/32 loco to pull them.


To me they are very nice looking cars. Well worth the roughly $300 range. I like these truck’s quality. These cars are very long.

I would say they’d stand well against the USA’s. I would guess that there’s 2 different markets probably for the scale difference. I don’t have the USA to do a side by side comparison photo. I do have the LGB Amtrak cars here.