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A train-plane ‘hybrid’ that can go 620 miles per hour

This Canadian company wants to build a train-plane plans for its first transportation line would cover the nearly 200-mile trip between Edmonton and Calgary in just 45 minutes.107116335-IMG_0023

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Pretty wild concept, thanks David.

The air pressure in that enclosed tube might be a show stopper, haha!

Neat though that new train ideas continue to be explored. I’ll keep my ears on for progress on this one.

This is the Geneva & New Bern Railroad’s “Fast Mail” railcar. It is powered by a ducted fan drive, a sort of electric jet engine. Maximum voltage is about 9.6 volts. I have never had enough straight track to max the voltage. It’s for those times when the parcel has to get there before you mailed it!


Have fun, David Meashey

P.S. Ball bearing wheels, ducted fan drive, body is a one-liter sparkling water bottle, and cockpit made from a ornamental Easter egg. Oh, and the lights are craft bells with a GOW bulb inside. Kinda’ like Casey Jones meets Buck Rodgers!

I struggle with calling this a train. :open_mouth: Phase 1 between the Edmonton International Airport and downtown Edmonton is supposed to begin next summer.

If it happens, I’ll try to get some photos to share.

I recall seeing an article on this concept a few years back, again with Elon Musk’s presenting. A vacuum tube system. Doubt the passengers would ever contact the vacuum. Also in a sealed system like this would the vacuum need to be that extreme to reach the desired needs?
Just idle thoughts.

Thanks David, that makes much more sense than a “train-plane” (?) vehicle forcing its way against air pressure.

Lots of history with pressure (atmospheric) trains in NYC & elsewhere.

Lots of recent talk about the “Hyperloop” vac trains, I imagine this is an application of that.


As always a nice research find Rooster. Much appreciated :sunglasses: