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A short train run at Robby's on Feb 5th

The Carlyle train show was cancelled, so my buddy Scott said let’s meet up at Robby’s and run trains that Friday. The weather was warm enough, but the wind was brutal. I made a few laps around the inner loop and through the new yard before my train was blown over. Even while putting it back on the tracks, the wind was too much and knocked it back over. Scott had one of his RHB cars blown off the layout and onto the ground. So, we packed our stuff up and went inside to hang out with Robby for the day.

Very, very nice consists. I would like to know how you transport all those cars and locomotives. I’d like to run out here at the railroad museum, but moving stock around seems such a task.


p.s. Pictures help me.

Holey moley, you didn’t need engines, just put up a sail!

John, nothing is in their box’s. I put the engines in the cab of my truck with a towel between them. Normally the freight cars will ride in the bed of my truck. But, I was too lazy to pull out all the coal loads. I was afraid those might blow out of the coal cars if in the bed of my truck. So, I just stacked the coal cars up in the extended cab of my truck using a blanket between each layer. I had plenty of room and could have fit another 30 cars in my truck. haha. Sorry, I don’t have any pictures of me hauling them. Next time I head to Robby’s I’ll take some pictures.

Lou, that’s no joke. That wind was strong!

A breath of fresh air blew through that’s all …good video Cuz…Needs some Amtrash !

Rooster said:

A breath of fresh air blew through that’s all …good video Cuz…Needs some Amtrash !

I suspect Amtrak is waiting for the track to deteriorate some before they run any passengers across it…it’s way too smooth for them now! (

Thanks CUZ! I would like some passenger service at some point on the layout, maybe with it’s own line. But, I’m gonna have to hit the lotto. Or give up buying bourbon and craft beer. So, I’m holding out for the lotto. lol!!!

LOL! Good one Bruce!